ABOUT US – IntEdu Connect Zim

IntEdu Connect Zim (Private) Limited (I.E.C) is a Higher Education consultancy firm located in Harare, Zimbabwe. I.E.C was established in 2013. The company serves as both an advisory service and a facilitator being for prospective students and overseas-based colleges, pathways and universities looking to maximise their student recruitment potential in Zimbabwe.

What makes us work for you

Our Motto – ‘Unlocking minds unlocks futures’

Vision statement – I.E.C aims to connect with a diverse range of students in schools and tertiary institutions across the country, to facilitate study abroad opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I.E.C aims to become a respected and trusted link between Zimbabwean students and international Higher Education opportunities.

Our Mission – I.E.C is focused on educating, informing and guiding prospective students who are looking for international study options.

Our Values and Beliefs:
  • We believe that education is an invaluable friend on a lifelong journey of enlightenment; an experience that no-one can take away from you. We take every interested student who calls us or walks in the door at face value. No-one is too old or too young to learn something new and develop their way of thinking.
  • We believe that education is an often under-estimated but powerful tool in any reform process. In our ever-changing world and particularly in our own country, as we strive to develop and evolve our vision is to share the belief that education is a key and that ‘unlocking minds unlocks futures.
  • We believe that education at all levels should be accessible to anyone who is willing to learn and are committed to assisting students to accessing higher education learning opportunities.
  • We believe that studying abroad takes one on an experiential journey of development. As you explore and familiarise yourself with a foreign culture, beliefs and lifestyles it helps to broaden your perspective of the world and to gain a more globally relevant understanding of the world you live in.

What I.E.C offers you

Our Main Services

  • Higher Education Advisory service;
  • Assistance with university, pathway and college application procedures including follow-ups;
  • Visa application guidance and support;
  • Assistance with accommodation recommendation and arrangements;
  • Advice and assistance with UCAS applications.

How I.E.C works for you as a prospective student

Our advisory and counselling services are free and we operate with an honest, welcoming and open-minded approach.  We understand the many complex stages involved with the decision to study abroad and our focus is to ensure each student is offered unique, tailored advice through the following process.

Our Procedure When Serving You

  • Face to face interview in our offices to discuss what career path a student would like to take. (You will need to bring along your original passport and original school certificates for an initial assessment);
  • Complete application/s , I.EC will process your completed applications and submit on your behalf;
  • After offers arrive, I.E.C will guide you through acceptance procedures & assist with accommodation arrangements;
  • Visa process begins: I.E.C will assist you with the entire process until you have lodged your visa application;
  • Once you get your visa, I.E.C will communicate with your university/college to arrange an airport pick-up.