Karen Nyamuda – Higher Education Consultant, Harare Office

Karen joined IEC in June 2019 and initially was consulting and handling applications for our Zimbabwean head office in Harare. Today, Karen now heads up Administration and day to day operations for the Harare office.

“I have always been a nurturer and inbuilt in me has been a great sense of empathy for people regardless of age, race or creed. Life experiences have taught me to judge less and to put myself in other people’s shoes to better understand where they are coming from. This is something that I have worked to instill in my own three children.

From the time I was young, I knew that I loved children and that wherever life took me I would want to be working with them in some way. My journey initially took me to the classroom where over the years I taught children between the ages of one and six years. I appreciated every student’s individuality, understanding that each one was different and thus adapted my teaching style to suit their needs. In addition to helping my students to meet their developmental and academic goals, I was also able to incorporate my love for music, art and the outdoors into my teaching.

After being a teacher for more than a decade, I decided to add a Diploma in Social Studies and Counselling Skills to my education. Since coming on board at IEC in June 2019, I have been able to apply much of what I learnt in my day to day interactions with students and their parents. As a parent of two university students and one high school student, I can relate to what our students are feeling as they widen their horizons and navigate the waters of preparing for tertiary study and leaving home. When students love what they are studying, they are motivated, energised and brimming with confidence, and will seize any opportunity that comes their way. So for me, the biggest reward is when our students find their perfect fit and are settled and happy while pursuing their studies and their dreams.”