Trudy Mhlanga (Director) – Higher Education Consultant

Trudy established IEC’s head office in June 2013 and has been the main consultant since inception. In January 2021 she set up a satellite office in Johannesburg and is currently dividing her time between the Johannesburg and Harare offices. 

Most people grow up knowing what they want to be. Others discover it along the way and take the prescribed path that will inevitably lead them to their destiny. And then there are people like myself.

Leaving high school I saw people around me making their plans seemingly very aware of their career paths and yet I did not have a clue what I wanted to do. I chose a different path to most of my classmates and married young almost straight out of high school. I focused on family and successfully raised two wonderful children who have since left the nest and embarked on their own careers. Whilst this was rewarding in its own way and life continued normally, I always felt that my story was cut short and there was a “To Be Continued” sign hanging over my head.

Today, I am an educational entrepreneur who connects students and parents with outstanding universities and colleges around the world. My passion is to ensure that students from developing countries can reach their full potential by enjoying the same higher educational opportunities as their peers abroad. As a hard-working self-starter, I have established two companies in Harare, one in Johannesburg and worked at many others in Zimbabwe and the UK. I combine practical administrative sense, entrepreneurial zeal and multi-cultural dexterity as I seek to make my clients’ – and my own – academic and professional desires become a reality.

Every student is unique and the paths they are going to take may differ depending on the individual but their futures are all equally important and this is something I take very personally. I have styled my counselling technique on the basis of this fundamental truth. IntEdu Connect Zim is my small contribution to the drive of helping move our young African minds forward in the hope of improving the generation that will ultimately be the future of our region.